One-time setup fee ($500)

  • Set-up of a “staging” website for you to upload and perfect your content prior to launch
  • Initial website training for key staff
  • Design consultation on customizable features
  • Launch new site! Whoo!

Monthly subscription ($400/mo.)

  • Each month we perform detailed maintenance on your site to fix any bugs that may arise, make updates and perform database backups and security scans
  • Annual website training for key staff
  • Website hosting fees
  • Domain registration
  • Security (SSL) certificate


We believe in the value of our design and development on this platform and the benefit that it will bring to your work. That being said, we also believe in the value of good people and organizations doing good work in our community and understand the potential need for financial flexibility to achieve your new priorities to your brand and website.

We always welcome a conversation about financial capability and reserve a certain amount of discounted subscriptions for organizations that may need this.

Let’s work together to get your website lookin’ good!