Basic Features

  • Text field with formatting options
  • More than 10 content modules to add to any page on your site
  • Customize StageHand to fit your brand’s look and feel
  • Build pages, productions, blog posts, and more!
  • Include featured images to make a splash at the top of each page or post

Production Page Details

  • Large call to action (Buy Tickets Now!)
  • Icon/fields for info, date, time, price, contact, attention, and location
  • Credit fields

Menu Navigation

  • Primary, secondary, sidebar and in-page navigation
  • Add a DONATE button in your menu for your supporters to easily make a contribution


  • Contact & copyright info
  • Social media icons/links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn)

Advanced Features

  • Sidebar call-to-action blocks
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Instagram photo feed
  • MailChimp email sign-up
  • Custom forms
  • Critical user alert
  • Yoast SEO integration

Ticketing Integrations

  • Eventbrite